• Match customers on your debtor ledger
  • Snapshot credit reports and credit ratings
  • See how quickly customers pay other suppliers
  • Alerts when customers' credit ratings change
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  • Includes everything in the free package, plus:
  • Ability to find new
  • Assess the credit risk of sales prospects
  • Monitor sales prospects and suppliers
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Special features for accountants and bookkeepers to improve your client offering:

Green tick (check mark)Manage multiple clients' businesses

Green tick (check mark)Produce powerful management information for your clients

What our customers think of us

"LedgerLive is a slick reporting tool for small businesses who want to keep an eye on their debtors. I can't think of any reason why a small business owner wouldn't use it"
"Credit control perfect for your business"
"Manage your debtor risk & grow your revenue"
"Very slick"

Frequently Asked Questions

How will LedgerLive help my business?

LedgerLive will help you to manage cashflow within your business and avoid bad debt. LedgerLive syncs with the debtor ledger from your accounting software with the latest data from the Red Flag Alert database.

Is my data secure?

Yes. In order to be an add-on partner of most cloud accounting software companies we are required to put a series of security measures in place. Data exchange with your accounting software is encrypted and communications are digitally signed. All traffic between your browser and out site is encrypted using an Extended Validation 256-bit SSL certificate, higher than that used by many major UK Banks.

Your data is stored in the UK with one of the leading data centre providers, trusted by organisations including Sage, the NHS and Xero.

Can I cancel?

Yes, cancelling is easy. You just need to cancel the authorisation of the app from within your accounting software.