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How will LedgerLive help my business?

LedgerLive will help you to manage cashflow within your business and avoid bad debt. LedgerLive syncs with the debtor ledger from your accounting software with the latest data from the Red Flag Alert database.

Is my data secure?

Yes. In order to be approved as an add-on partner for Xero, SageOne or FreeAgent, we are required to put a series of security measures in place. Data exchange with these services is encrypted and communications are digitally signed where required. All traffic between your browser and our site is encrypted using an Extended Validation 256-bit SSL certificate, higher than that used by many major UK banks.

Your data is stored in the UK with one of the leading data centre providers, trusted by organisations including Sage, the NHS and Xero.

Can I cancel?

Yes, cancelling is easy. You just need to cancel the authorisation of the app from within your accounting software.

If you don't find your question answered, please feel free to contact us on or by using the live chat function at the bottom of this page.

More Questions

What information can I see on my dashboard?

The dashboard shows you a list of all your customers' risk ratings, ordered by how much they owe you at the moment, summary charts that show the overall risk profile of your customer base, and information on how quickly your customers tend to pay their invoices.

Where does the risk profile information come from?

Risk information is provided by Red Flag Alert, a business information database with records on over 6 million UK businesses.

How do I set up alerts to receive notifications if a customer's risk rating changes?

Alerts are automatically enabled, there is no set up needed.

Why is the basic version free?

The free basic version of LedgerLive is designed to give simple but powerful tools to manage late payment and bad debt, and over time we will be adding further revenue-generating services that our users may choose to purchase (but will be under no obligation to do so).

We may in the future decide to charge for the basic version of LedgerLive, however we promise to keep it free to those who have already signed up as a thank you for their support.

Who's behind LedgerLive?

Red Flag Alert is one of the UK's leading business intelligences providers.

Can LedgerLive be used outside of the UK?

We are currently only able to offer LedgerLive's credit checking functionality to businesses within the UK. However, if you are based outside of the UK and you are interested in using our service, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!

Which accounting software do I need to use LedgerLive?

LedgerLive works with Xero, FreeAgent and SageOne. We may consider integrations with other software providers; if the software you use isn’t listed here but you would be interested in hearing more, please register your interest

If I use LedgerLive, will you have access to my accounts software password?

No. When you authenticate our application with Xero, FreeAgent or SageOne, we receive a special token giving us access to the data we need to create your dashboard and customer reports. This access can be revoked at any time; we never see your password.

Who can see my data?

We only directly access the data imported from your accounting software to the extent we need to provide our services and resolve any issues you encounter.

If we need to view it internally or with our partners for analysis or to make improvements, we anonymise everything so that it is impossible to identify you as the source, ensuring your privacy.

What do you do with my data?

First and foremost, we will never misuse your data or share it with anyone else. We take data protection very seriously and we have passed the strict data privacy and security standards of our accounting software partners.

We use the information you share with us to provide you with a range of tools and services to help you run your business. This may involve interfacing with third party systems, enhancing our own databases which we use to provide the service, and using anonymised data to improve risk and fraud prevention services to others. We may also use your data for the monitoring of performance, statistical analysis and the identification of improvements.